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Re: CUPS, the GNU GPL, and dual-licensing

Branden Robinson wrote:
The bottom line is that a work is either licensed under the GNU GPL or
it is not.  By all accounts, CUPS is licensed under the GNU GPL.  It
just so happens that it is also licensed under other terms, presumably
to parties to whom the GNU GPL is unpalatable.  Custom-tailored,
non-exlcusive licenses specific to particular clients or segements of
the market are, as I understand it, not uncommon in proprietary software
circles.  There is no particular reason to believe that such tactics
lose legal legitimacy when applied by free software developers.
> ...

OK, for the purposes of clarification, how does the following
additional sentence sound:

    No developer is required to provide these exceptions in a
    derived work.

I've put the ammended license agreement up on the CUPS server
for your complete review:


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