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linux gpl question

[please cc me on responses]

hey wise people,

i have a question that's stunning us over here. there's someone
selling a complete firewall appliance atop a linux kernel. he
advertises it as hardened and as super-secure because he patched the
kernel here and there, and because he added userland stuff.

now my question: the kernel's gpl, so everything using the kernel
source must be gpl. that does force this guy to make the source of all
his kernel tree patches available, unless he provides binary patches
for the kernel, right? in this case, does he have to let people know
exactly which patches are applied?

or, can he simply make the kernel source available, but ship it in
binary only form with his patches applied?

i'd love to hear your thoughts...

martin;              (greetings from the heart of the sun.)
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