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Re: Mplayer again.

Dariush Pietrzak <eyck@ghost.anime.pl> wrote:
> Hello,
>  I was just about to send packages for uploading, when one more issue
>  about mplayer's sources creeped up, one file seems to bee a bit
>  controversial on licence side ( divx_vbr.c, included later in this
>  mail).
>  Since then, I've located way around it: "Michael Niedermayer
>  implemented a two-pass mode directly into libavcodec".
> What are my options now?
> - can I remove this file in debian-patch? i.e. it would be it
>  .orig.tar.gz, and get removed in diff, or do I need fix upstream first?
> Also, how problematic is what we have here?

I found a copy of a DivX Open License at
http://www.videocoding.de/divx_license.html.  It is incompatible with
the GPL.  In any case, the copyright notice is so vague, that we don't
know what license it is really under.  So you should take it out of
the .orig.tar.gz.

Walter Landry

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