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Re: [cfi-en] Printing restriction -- should move to non-free ?

Scripsit Mikael Hedin <mikael.hedin@irf.se>

>   2. At the moment it is not permissible to mass-distribute the book
>   in printed form without my prior permission. If you want to print a
>   large run of this book I'm sure I wont have a problem with it, but
>   I'm afraid I need to retain control over this process.

> which is a bit ironic, considering the title.  FYI, this part does not
> exist in the original swedish text, which is in the public domain.

It may legally have been added by the translator, unless the license
for the original text stipulates that deriviates must be as free as
the original one.

> Does the no-printing clause make it non-DFSG free?

Yes. However, it is not necessary to act in panic; there should be
time to ask the translator to remove his constraint instead.

Henning Makholm                         "These are a nasty breed. They sting
                                  you without waiting to be insulted first."

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