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[cfi-en] Printing restriction -- should move to non-free ?

[Please cc me, I'm not on the list]


I got a bug report about the copyright for cfi-en (#144033).  The
english translation has this paragraph:

  2. At the moment it is not permissible to mass-distribute the book
  in printed form without my prior permission. If you want to print a
  large run of this book I'm sure I wont have a problem with it, but
  I'm afraid I need to retain control over this process.

which is a bit ironic, considering the title.  FYI, this part does not
exist in the original swedish text, which is in the public domain.

Does the no-printing clause make it non-DFSG free?  I'm afraid so, but
I would like your comments before having it moved to non-free.

More FYI: The text also says 

  I don't know if any publisher wants to release this book in print,
  but I leave this as a possibility. If I haven't received an offer
  within a year or so, I'll release this book under public domain,
  which means that it will always be free of copyright. Until then,
  the following applies to this material:

I made the first .deb on Fri, 18 May 2001, so that year has probably
gone, but I'm not shure.  Anyway, there is no new version on the
original website.


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