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Re: Legal status of chess game collections

David Starner wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 13, 2002 at 07:20:52PM +0200, Lukas Geyer wrote:
> > However, the gnuchess book consists of raw game scores, so my conclusion
> > is that it is not subject to copyright and it is in the public domain. (As
> > far as I know, the gnuchess book was not put together with some "unique
> > criteria", was it, Simon?) Any objections?
> Of course it was put together with unique criteria. He made some
> choices, and unless they were very simple, they would qualify as unique
> criteria. It shouldn't matter, unless the compilers can't be found or
> are no longer interested in releasing it under a free license.

As I just told Lukas.

I've contacted my comaintainer who will have history information
for the file in question.

As far as I am aware the book is no different to other code in
the GNU Chess distribution and is covered by the GPL on GNU
Chess, the decision to make it a seperate file is purely
technical (I have (and others) a 64kbps Internet connection, and
am not going to release 30MB+ copies of GNU Chess when 150Kb is

I'll be adding specific information on Chess book copyright
issues with the next version of the GNU Chess FAQ as this is now
a FAQ, and add a licence to the book file if appropriate. So if
Debian legal has any legal comment they think useful to share
please e-mail them to me directly.

If to cover your own position you want a GNU licence file added
to the book file, I am happy to do this.

I think it is the kind of thing the FSF legal department will be
interested in from a general perspective, even if they aren't so
interested in Chess, it is after all knowledge that can be used
to improve the human condition if only marginally.



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