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Re: Legal status of chess game collections

Scripsit Joe Drew <hoserhead@woot.net>

> Get him to clarify it absolutely, telling him it's a very big issue for
> Debian, and don't upload till you have the official word from him. 

I don't think the problem is that easy. Sure, the guy who collected
the game may (in some jurisdictions) have sort of "collection
copyright" on his work on choosing exactly those games to be included.

The more difficult problem is the legal status of each individual game
itself? Do the chess players who played it have a sort of copyright?
Surely, they have made real intellectual decisions about which piece
to move where, but is that a decision about content (which is not
protected by copyright) or form (which is)?

If so, the upstream maintainer cannot give any "official word" of
legal weight.

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Man, you're participating in an open email list discussion.

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