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Re: GPL but some author's demand ...

On Tue, Feb 12, 2002 at 09:46:36AM +0100, Thomas Seyrat wrote:
> # BabelWeb should not be used as a lucrative tools without author
> # autorization.

The author has created an inconsistently licensed work; the only safe
thing for Debian to do is regard it as completely proprietary.

Also, if this person is using GPL'ed code in his work -- including
dynamic linking against GPL'ed libraries -- on which he does not hold
the copyright and for which he has not been granted an additional
license, he is in violation of the license on any such code.

He is probably confused, and should be dealt with patiently and
sympathetically at first.  If he's not confused, and you need someone to
write him a hateful and threatening email, you know who to call.  :)

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