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GPL but some author's demand ...


  I'm facing a licensing problem with a software I intend to package
  for Debian.

  The software, called babelweb (see #131258), is licensed as GPL, but
  the author added the following two lines to each script composing
  it :

# BabelWeb should not be used as a lucrative tools without author
# autorization.

  Except for the bad english, I do not know what to think about this :
  the point 6 of DFSG insists on the fact that the license must not
  restrict the software from being used in any kind on business, but
  this is not the case here, this is just a need for author's approval,
  some kind of informal agreement ...

  So, should I consider this software as "free" to DFSG's terms and
  package it for main, or do I need the author to remove this condition ?

  Thanks very much for your advice,

[ Please Cc: me as I am not subscribed to the list. Thanks. ]
Thomas Seyrat

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