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Re: title for translation of GNU FDL document

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On Tue, 15 Jan 2002 14:32:13 -0800 (PST),
Walter Landry <wlandry@ucsd.edu> wrote:
> Oohara Yuuma <oohara@libra.interq.or.jp> wrote:
[Japanese translation of Securing Debian HOWTO, which is under GNU FDL]
> > 1. What is the definition of "a distinct title"?
> >    Is a word-to-word translation considered as
> >    an enough change?
> I think a word-for-word translation is not enough of a change.  The
> intent is certainly for a reader to be able to differentiate between
> your version and the official version.  You can use a title like
> "Securing Debian HOWTO--Unofficial Japanese Translation by Oohara".
I want to use "Securing Debian HOWTO (Japanese Translation)" instead.
My translation is already in the DDP CVS, so I don't think it is
unofficial.  (Currently its title is like "Securing Debian HOWTO
(translated on 2002/1/15)".)

> You may already know this, but you can't just translate invariant
> sections or copyright notices.  You can add translations of the
> invariant sections to the invariant sections.  I wouldn't recommend it
> though.  I would make it non-invariant.  That way, if there is an
> error in the translation, it can be fixed by someone besides you.  Or
> you could not translate it at all if you think it is a waste of time
> and space.
The original copyright notice is included and I didn't translate it.
It has no mention of invariant sections, though.

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