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Re: draft for new Vim license

    That's a good thing.  But I don't want to wait too long with the new Vim
    license, hopefully Vim 6.1 will be released soon.

If you're happy with GPL version 2, then you can make the license
GPL-compatible now.

						       Also, some software
    will still use the old GPL license.  For example, the GPM library on
    someones system is likely to have the old GPL version for a while.

If GPM says "version 2 of the GPL or any later version", which is what
we recommend, then the new version will apply as soon as it is
officially approved.  (This is just like the statement you use saying
that users can follow newer Vim licenses for older versions of Vim.)

	3) A message must be added, at least in the output of the ":version"
	   command and in the intro screen, such that the user of the
	   modified Vim is be able to see that it was modified.  When
	   distributing as mentioned under 2)e) adding the message is only
	   required for as far as this does not conflict with the license
	   used for the changes.

This seems to work.

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