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Re: draft for new Vim license

    If linking is "changing", that would seem to make licenses that say "you can
    distribute unmodified binaries only" impossible--you'd only be able to
    distribute binaries supplied by the author.

Not necessarily--these things are not as rigid as symbolic logic.
It's a matter of what intention the words imply, which would depend on
the whole wording of the license.

I think we are also having a small but significant miscommunication.
I do not say that "linking is `changing'"--those words could mean
various things, so I would not want to say yes or no to those words.
I spoke in regard to a specific scenario, where the Vim release does
not link with GPM, but you arrange to link it with GPM anyway.  That
does seem to entail changing the program.  Perhaps I did not say this
clearly enough.

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