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Re: draft for new Vim license

    Hmm, I could add a 3e, which explicitly says that distribution under the
    GPL is allowed, but only if the changes are also under the GPL license.
    That would at least solve the problem of linking with the GPM library.

That might work--I'd have to see the precise wording before I could say.

    I do try to stimulate people to make changes that I can include in the
    official Vim release.  This does require that these changes use the Vim
    license.  But this isn't a requirement.  If someone wants to make
    changes that he doesn't want me to include in Vim, that should be

I am very surprised by this statement, because the central point of
your current license seems to be to make sure that you can get any
changes and incorporate them into Vim.

    If I include 3e, distribution being allowed under the GPL, the remaining
    problem is that if someone makes changes to Vim and puts the GPL on
    those changes, I can't include the changes back into the official Vim,
    because it would mean 3e applies to Vim as a whole and the rest of the
    license is worthless.

Now I am really confused, because this seems to reaffirm the views
which I thought you held--precisely what you denied in the previous

I think we are having communication difficulties.

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