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Re: Unicode Code Charts - Terms of use

> I do not know anything about how X fonts work, or what you are trying to do,
> but maybe your energy would be better spent adding a mechanism to
> transparently fetch glyphs from various fonts when the currently selected
> font does not have glyphs for some codepoints.

Well, I am trying to have a unicode ttf font I can pack for Debian so that the program wprint (printing from web browsers using ttf files) can provide it or depend on it.

Actually your suggested mechanism was also proposed by a user of the program and it does make sense but it needs a good amount of work.  Anyway, I think I am going to try to go that way.  That would also get rid of pair of wishlist items.

To understand why I wanted to use the Unicode PDFs as a source:  I was trying to solve the problem (not having a unicode ttf file) as fast as possible.  Depending on a existing, or ready to be packaged, free font was faster than recoding the program to find the glyphs.

Thanks for the advice.  I am going to take the technical discussion to a more appropiate list.


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