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RE: Unicode Code Charts - Terms of use

> I think there should be a (at least low quality) free unicode font made
> available by the Unicode Consortium.

What about unifont? http://czyborra.com/unifont/

> Well, if that approach does not work I guess I am going to try to merge
> existing free fonts.  I am having a hard time finding true type free fonts
> with a good Unicode coverage and acceptable quality.

I do not know anything about how X fonts work, or what you are trying to do,
but maybe your energy would be better spent adding a mechanism to
transparently fetch glyphs from various fonts when the currently selected
font does not have glyphs for some codepoints. This is what operating
systems and large applications like browsers do / try to do. While it is
also good to have a single Unicode font, it is usually very hard to achieve,
and ultimately less flexible than being able to fetch glyphs from various
fonts (which is a mechanism that could be configured/tailored by the user).

Also, ask your question on unicode@unicode.org where you'll find great
expertise re: this topic.


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