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Re: installing on RiscPC

Scripsit Raul Miller <moth@debian.org>

> There is a requirement about what is done when those modification is
> made (you should send the mods to the author), but that's pretty easily
> dealt with (it's a "should" which means that if it ever did go to court,
> the court is likely to accept just about anything on this clause).

This interpretation is even worse.

I think it is clearly unacceptable for a "free" license to forbid
people from making personal changes to the software without telling
anybody at all about them.

As I pointed out earlier, there might be situatione in which someone
need something done which is *almost* the same thing which he can get
his Debian system to do, but needs some small modifications which,
by their nature, would reveal business secrets if he told other people
about them. He should be allowed to make his modifications and keep
the modified system secret.

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