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Re: installing on RiscPC

On Mon, Oct 08, 2001 at 09:25:16AM -0400, I wrote:
> In the example we're talking about, the the license terms are the same
> for both cases.  There are conditions which kick in when the sources
> are modified which are irrelevant if no modifications are made, but the
> terms are the same.

I should expand on this:

For the example we're talking about, the license terms allow distribution
of modified versions in exactly the same manner as distribution of
unmodified versions.

There is a requirement about what is done when those modification is
made (you should send the mods to the author), but that's pretty easily
dealt with (it's a "should" which means that if it ever did go to court,
the court is likely to accept just about anything on this clause).

A paranoid person might want to record the smtp session used to send
the email.  [I'm attaching a trivial program for this purpose, to
show you what I mean.]  However, there's nothing in the license to
imply that this paranoia is necessary.


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