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Re: Licence for free ttf fonts - open source enough?

> art and data are odd areas.  The right to freely modify a work is
> important to free software.  Best thing you can do is point him to our
> open source definition.  I suspect free fonts will never happen, just
> like other art forms.

I hope you're wrong. ,)

But there _are_ good free fonts. Most because someone bought them off
the author(s) and released them free. Like the OpenOffice fonts.

And there are fonts "believed to be in the public domain" (but nobody
really nows, unfortunately). On good old Atari, there used to be Public
Domain Cliparts, i think we had accumulated 80 Discs of them.
But they're black and white pixmaps at a bad resolution, so they aren't
of much use now. :-( It was a big file full though.

Maybe it would be interesting to ask font designers for the price to
release their work for free ;)
Or buy a font, name it after your love and then release it for "free" -
there's lots of wired stuff to do with arts ;)

The main fear with artists is that they won't be given credit for their
work, i think.
I must admit, i've written some poems and i was very angry when i found
a modified version in the net. There were three things that made me angry:
First i wasn't referenced as the author of the beginning of the poem.
Second, he didn't contact me, but sent "his" poem to some other site.
Third, his additions did not fit to my style at all, broke the rythm,
the symmetries etc.
But this wouldn't have been ok with Open Source Software, too.

Maybe we could do a sample "Open Art Licence", based on the Open Music
and Open Publication Licences? This could encourage artists to publish
their work under these licenses.
I might contribute my poems (i won >100$ with one of them.. havn't spent
the credit note yet though, although i could transform it to amazon ;)
under such a Licence (hey, i don't need to do the licence myself then ;)


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