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Re: Cactvs-license

> > Are there packages in non-free that have special permission for
> > Debian?  Do you know any of their names?  I was worried about some
> > practical problems, but am willing to be swayed by precedent.
> I believe Netscape 4.x is a prime example:  Upstream provides binaries
> only.  Only AOL-Time-Warner can do security fixes (and have done so in
> the past, there are at least two Debian Security Advisories in my
> personal files).  And the permission to distribute is provided
> specifically to Debian under a distribution license program which can
> be revoked by Microsoft (indirectly).  Needless to say, it is in
> non-free.

I looked at the relevant copyright file for Netscape


There is no specific mention of Debian.  Also, it specifically allows
distribution to other distributors.  It is the chain of distribution
that sparked my concerns.  So, are there any other packages that
specifically mention Debian?

Walter Landry

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