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Re: junkbuster imagelist

> Scripsit Per Eric Rosén <per@rosnix.nu>
> > On Mon, 17 Sep 2001, Per Eric Rosén wrote:
> > > # No distribution of this list without acknowledgement of the author(s).
> > > # No selling of thist list without prior written agreement.
> > Replying to myself ... of cource this is perfectly OK for non-free. Just a
> > wrong parsing. But it does not give any explicit permissions (?). If we
> > supposed this was covered by the GPL the above lines are conflicting.
> Hm, well, the GPL could be construed the required "prior written
> agreement".

I think this is one of the cases where the original author should be
contacted for clarification.  You should definitely mention that we
can't ditribute it in main if the author keeps the license this way.

As for the GPL, this list may fall outside of the jurisdiction of the
GPL on the rest of the code, since (AIUI) it is merely a list of
sites.  It's not code, and it is not linked, so one might argue for
the "mere aggregation" clause in the GPL.

Walter Landry

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