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hxd derivative gpl'd under permission


I would like to discuss the packaging of a derivative of hxd, called shxd, which is under the gpl (used under permission from the author of hxd).

Previouly, there was interest in packaging hxd, but it could not be done because of licensing problems. shxd has no licensing problems, so if there is still interest, this can be packaged within debian.

If packages are to be done, I'd suggest making two packages shx (the client), and shxd(the server).. and possibly more, such as mysql, and crypto support. The client and server are actually two separate codebases and are released as two separate tarballs.

Note: please cc to my e-mail, I'm not on the mailint list.

Thank you for your time, cheers,
Devin Teske

e-mail: devinteske@hotmail.com

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