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selfhtml nonfree?

Hi everyone,

I just read the debian/copyright file of the selfhtml package.

selfhtml is currently in main (section doc).

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that selfhtml is
*not* DFSG-free as it violates DFSG#8 (License must not be specific to
Debian) and possibly also DFSG#3 (Derived works).

The license says (german):
 * Das Ändern des Dokuments ist nicht erlaubt. Das gilt sowohl für den
   Inhalt als auch für das Dateiformat bzw. die Gestaltung. Auch das
   Entfernen unliebsamer Passagen ist nicht erlaubt.

Quick'n'dirty translation by me:
 * You're not allowed to modify the document. This is true for the content
   as well as the layout and the file-formats used. The removal of
   unwanted passages of the document is forbidden, too.

OK. This definately violates DFSG#3 (Derived works). But there's a note
from the maintainer of the selfhtml debian-package in debian/copying:

Note (german):
Der Autor gestattet der Debian Distribution (trotz Punkt 4
des Copyrights) die HTML Datei formal (also Dateinamen, Links usw.)
zu verändern. Inhaltlich oder optisch dürfen die Texte jedoch
nicht verändert werden.

The author grants permission to the Debian distribution to change the
form of the HTML file(s) (i.e. filenames, links etc.), despite clause 4
of the license. But you are not allowed to change the content or the
optical appearance of the texts.

[Clause 4 of the license is the part of the license I quoted and
tranlated above].

So, this might still violate DFSG#3 as it doesn't allow certain types
of changes, but I'm not sure here.

But IMHO it certainly violates DFSG#8 because the permission to change
filenames and links is granted only to Debian.

Therefore I think selfhtml cannot go into main.

Comments? Corrections?

TIA, Uwe.
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