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RE: Questions concerning S/390 OCO-modules

Okay, so there's a way to set up an entirely DFSG s390, just not if you
have this OSA.  It looked as if the entire networking code had a non-free
component.  I hope you all realize that you have to make
contrib/disks-s390 to hold the OSA bootfloppies until IBM decides to
make OSA DFSG free?  I really don't see how Debian can NOT distribute the
OSA stuff, I just think that the splash screen can't be worded strongly
enough.  This isn't an optional thing we're talking about, it's hardware:
if you got it, you need the OCO modules to get your computer to work.
Pragmatism wins.

On Sat, 18 Aug 2001, Stephen Frazier wrote:

>The OCO modules are only needed if you are using an OSA on your s390. Their
>are many other ways to attach a s390 to a network that doesn't use an OSA.
>They were used long before the recent introduction of the OSA and still
>work. IBM has said it is their intention to make the OSA driver open code as
>soon as they get permission. Until they do you could have 2 "bootfloppies"
>one with the OCO modules for people who only have an OSA to communicate with
>and one with out for everyone else.
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>Wait a minute here, is this going where I think it's going?  The
>>>bootfloppies<<< for s390 have non-free modules on them!?  Does this
>requirement of non-free modules ever get remedied, or are these s390
>modules going to saddle the entire arch for the forseeable future?
>On Thu, 16 Aug 2001, Jochen Röhrig wrote:
>>I assume by installer you mean a package that asks the user to download
>>the modules from the IBM site to a certain place in the filesystem and
>>then goes on with installation? This makes only sense if the user
>>already has a network connection. But he won't have a connection without
>>modules (s)he is just about to install (at least in most if the cases).
>>So at least at bootstrap time (where we need the modules on the ramdisk)
>>this is not really an alternative...
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