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RE: Questions concerning S/390 OCO-modules

The OCO modules are only needed if you are using an OSA on your s390. Their
are many other ways to attach a s390 to a network that doesn't use an OSA.
They were used long before the recent introduction of the OSA and still
work. IBM has said it is their intention to make the OSA driver open code as
soon as they get permission. Until they do you could have 2 "bootfloppies"
one with the OCO modules for people who only have an OSA to communicate with
and one with out for everyone else.

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Wait a minute here, is this going where I think it's going?  The
>>bootfloppies<<< for s390 have non-free modules on them!?  Does this
requirement of non-free modules ever get remedied, or are these s390
modules going to saddle the entire arch for the forseeable future?

On Thu, 16 Aug 2001, Jochen Röhrig wrote:

>I assume by installer you mean a package that asks the user to download
>the modules from the IBM site to a certain place in the filesystem and
>then goes on with installation? This makes only sense if the user
>already has a network connection. But he won't have a connection without
>modules (s)he is just about to install (at least in most if the cases).
>So at least at bootstrap time (where we need the modules on the ramdisk)
>this is not really an alternative...
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