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Re: PBS License

John Galt <galt@inconnu.isu.edu> writes:

> No, it requires releasability under the SAME license.  Clause 5 requires
> modifications to be released with NO restrictions at all, and all licenses
> necessarily restrict rights, including the OpenPBS license.  Therefore
> modifications cannot be released under the OpenPBS license.

Um, you're (obstinately) missing my point.

I can release the same code *twice*, once with no restrictions to one
group of people (say, "everyone"), and a second time to a different
(possibly overlapping) group of people (say, "everyone") with
different restrictions.

And that's all that the PBS license says.  It says that if I
distribute a modified version, I must do so without restrictions.  One
way would be to put my modifications into the public domain.

Now, rather than go round and round with some anonymous person, I will
simply say:

All Debian developers who have looked at the license think it's fine.
(Unless I've missed a message; someone should speak up if so.)  Some
anonymous person has an objection to it that no Debian developers
concur with.  

I'm happy to consult with RMS if people think that would be important,
but in this case, I think it's pointless.


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