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Re: LinuxLand's strange copyright notices

Thomas Bushnell, BSG said:

> Jeffry Smith <smith@missioncriticallinux.com> writes:
> > I know for books, the copyright on the collection as a whole (including 
> > cover art, etc) is separate from the copyright on the individual stories.  
> > I assume this is similar.
> This is true, and related to the case.  But the copyright on the whole
> must still be compatible with the copyright on each piece, and I don't
> think (but I'm not sure) that the GPL would permit this kind of
> shenanigan.

No, the LICENSE must be compatible with the GPL.  Copyright is a strange 
beast.  In a collection, each piece is separately copyrighted.  The 
collection is copyrighted.  However, a piece can be in multiple 
collections, each with their own copyright.

GPL expands copyright, and I didn't see anything in the license on the set 
(Debian 2.2) that was incompatible with the Debian 2.2 licenses on each 
piece.  i.e. you can't copy the exact collection, with their artwork 
exactly where their artwork is, but you can copy the SW.


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