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Re: LinuxLand's strange copyright notices

Copyright != license

The individual authors generally hold the copyright on a given
package, although sometimes they assign it to places like the FSF.

I guess LinuxLand is saying they hold a copyright on the _packaging_
like the image on the CD and in the CD case. According to 
Hans-Jörg's post, German copyright law allows them to copyright
the package itself, I don't know what implications that has.

Presumably the copyright on the software itself remains the
original author's, so the license ( GPL/BSD/whatever ) is still
valid for each individual binary.

I am not familiar with German copyright law in particular, maybe
someone could clarify this further.

Rob Helmer

On Mon, Apr 09, 2001 at 07:09:43PM +0200, Peter Makholm wrote:
> LinuxLand / Hans-Jörg Ehren <hjehren@linuxland.de> writes:
> > at its own right. That copyright only reflects to packaging, artwork
> If you can copyright the packaging of the disks, how can it be the
> official Debian disks which is GPL'ed if I remember right?
> Just wondering.
> /Peter
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