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Re: Tutorial for Parse::RecDescent

Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
>     This article is reproduced from
>     Issue #12 of The Perl Journal
>     by the kind permission of the editor.
> So, here are my questions:
> #1) Am I allowed to include this tutorial in the Debian package?  Notice
>     that the tutorial is already included in the tarball in CTAN.  I am
>     afraid that the TPJ does not exist anymore...

Well I guess it depends. Damian may have been given permission to
distribute the tutorial with the same copyright as the rest of the
package. Or perhaps he was given only limited permission, to let him
copy it. The paragraph is unclear. So why don't you mail him and ask?
He's pretty busy what with the world tour and all, but I've found he
still manages to respond to email within a day or two. (Actually, I think
he's back home in .au now?)

see shy jo

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