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Tutorial for Parse::RecDescent

I am about to upgrade my lib-parse-recdescent-perl package to the upstream
version 1.80, containing the Parse::RecDescent module by Damian Conway.  The
author included a great tutorial in this version, redistributed with the
following note:

    This article is reproduced from
    Issue #12 of The Perl Journal
    by the kind permission of the editor.
So, here are my questions:

#1) Am I allowed to include this tutorial in the Debian package?  Notice
    that the tutorial is already included in the tarball in CTAN.  I am
    afraid that the TPJ does not exist anymore...

#2) The tutorial is in HTML format and contains some figures in the GIF
    format.  Should I convert them to PNG?

[PLease, Cc: to me.  Thanks.]

Rafael Laboissiere

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