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Re: [Steve Lidie <Stephen.O.Lidie@Lehigh.EDU>] Re: xodometer licensing

On Sun, 25 Feb 2001, Sam TH wrote:

>On Sun, Feb 25, 2001 at 12:41:36PM -0800, Aaron Lehmann wrote:
>> I recieved this response from the author about what he permits us to
>> distribute xodo under. Is this statement sufficient as copying terms
>> if placed into the debian/copyright file?
>I would suspect that what he means is that xodo is distributed under
>the license of Perl, that is both the GPL and the AL.  However, as he
>wasn't specific about the GNU license, and he didn't make it very
>clear at all what you should do if the Artistic License wasn't
>acceptable (which it isn't) you might want to ask him for

What part of the DFSG are you basing this on?

>If you are unable to recieve clarification, then it would probably be
>ok anyway.
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