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[Steve Lidie <Stephen.O.Lidie@Lehigh.EDU>] Re: xodometer licensing

I recieved this response from the author about what he permits us to
distribute xodo under. Is this statement sufficient as copying terms
if placed into the debian/copyright file?

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Aaron Lehmann wrote:
> Hello,
> The Debian GNU/Linux distribution would like to distribute xodometer,
> but it cannot do so without an explicit license. Most packages are
> licensed under stock licenses such as the GNU GPL or the BSD license,
> but I could not find one in xodometer. Could you please clarify the
> licensing terms so it is possible to distribute xodometer? A statement
> that xodometer may be used, modified, and distributed by anyone for
> any purpose would be sufficient, but you are free to pick more
> restrictive terms if you so choose.

Hi Aaron;

I usually use Perl's Artistic License, if that's OK.  Else, the GNU
license is OK.  Is that enough for you?


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