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Re: QNX Open Community License

On Sat, 24 Feb 2001, Nicolás Lichtmaier wrote:

>> So be careful with derivative software and the GPL.  The severability
>> clauses are chilling, but so long as they're not being used in violation
>> of DFSG 5 and 6 (which it looks like they're not), I can see nothing
>> within the DFSG that precludes them.  Again with the last paragraph, it's
>> chilling, but not expressly forbidden by DFSG: The scope of the disclaimer
>> might be enough of a pollutant that DFSG 9 is triggered, but I doubt it.
>> Again, your big issue is to make sure that GPL software and OCL software
>> don't mix, other than that, you're pretty safe IMHO.  BTW, just out of
>> curiosity, what precisely are you looking at this license for?
> They define a term, but I fail to wee which part of the license outlaws
>not "Unrestricted OSS". So, this license looks a lot like a BSD one...

I noted that as well, but their intent is GPL incompatibility, so let's
not stir up a hornets nest by being the test case...  Put it in the same
category as the OpenSSL license and the 4-clause BSD--DFSG free, but watch
the links.

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