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Re: MasterMind(r)

On Mon, Feb 19, 2001 at 10:28:13PM +0100, Tom Cato Amundsen wrote:
> I plan to package gnomermind (http://gnomermind.sourceforge.net,
> no ITP yet). License is GPL.
> This game let you play MasterMind(r) on you computer. It seems
> that MasterMind is a registered trade mark. Maybe a silly question,
> but I ask when I'm not sure: Is it safe to package this? Do you
> know if it is possible that the people owning the trademark has
> any rights/patents to the principles of the game. (This sounds
> strange to me...)

The rules to a game are unprotectable, if I understand it right. (The 
specific writing can be copyrighted, but the rules themselves can't
be.) Note that Debian has (at least) two games with the same rules
as Othello, named GNOME Iagno and Kreversi. Follow that example and
you should be all right. 

David Starner - dstarner98@aasaa.ofe.org
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