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Re: LinuxLand's strange copyright notices

Scripsit Thomas Uwe Gruettmueller <sloyment@gmx.net>

> The six official CDs are labelled as suggested by Debian, however, 
> there is a strange third line: 

>     Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 r0 >>Potato<<
>     Official i386 Binary-1 (20000814)
>     (C) 2000 LinuxLand International

> What does that mean?

It means that they are misrepresenting the origin of the data on the
disks. If it is really the Official Debian disk, then they do not
have legal grounds for asserting any form of copyright.

>     The content of this work stands under the GNU General Public 
>     License (see appendix) and is freely available. All other rights
>     reseved, also those of photo-mechanic reproduction and storing in
>     electronic media.

> I do not understand that. To me, this notice seems to be a 
> contradiction.

To me, too.

Henning Makholm      "Jeg kunne ikke undgå at bemærke at han gik på hænder."

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