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Re: hx should be removed from the distribution unless copyright is clarified

> asf, asf is not a real entity, although I am not sure if this matters.
> The package was not made in 1991 - I wittnessed its creation only a
> few years ago.

So far as this is a license from the real copyright owner, the copyright 
can only hurt him, not us.

> The GPL version 69 has never been published.
But version 2 has, and that's earlier than version 69. 

> I have been trying to package a much more recent version of hx, in which 
> mentions of the GPL seem to have disappeared. When the upstream author
> was inquired, he was consistant with the what you would guess about
> him reading this message so far. He said that hx was no not under any
> license, and he thought that software licensing was stupid and he did
> not care about it.

That means we can't distribute that version, if he's not willing to add 
a license. 
We still have a legal license on the one in the archive, though.

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