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Re: Export Restrictions

On Tue, Aug 15, 2000 at 03:34:13PM -0600, Dompnier, Frank wrote:
> > Name: Frank Dompnier
> We are interested in purchasing Debian Linux for our subsidiary company
> based in Khartoum, Sudan. Please confirm that the use of this technology
> will not constitute a prohibited export of goods or technology under
> existing United States sanctions laws for this country.  If I've contacted
> you in error, please forward this correspondence to your sales or legal
> representative.
> I look forward to your reply.

As I understand it, Sudan is one of seven countries (at least recently)
classified by the United States Government as a "rogue state".  Being an
American citizen and thus fairly ignorant of international politics, I can
offer no speculations as to the rationality of this classification.

I can, however, advise you as to possible ways to avoid the issue entirely.
The Debian GNU/Linux operating system is distributed from a large variety
of sites around the world, and you may retrieve from those sites exactly
the same software as you would find on a US-hosted FTP site.  (In some
cases, even more software, as patent law and export restrictions on
cryptographic software limit what can be made available on sites hosted in
the US).

Please see if you can find what you need at the sites listed at the
following URL:


If you have any further questions, please feel free to direct them to this
list.  I hope the good people of your company, and of Sudan, are not
discouraged from enjoying Debian's high-quality software amid the cut and
thrust of international politicking.

For futher reading:

The U.S. State Department appears to be attempting to moderate, if not
their policies, then at least their rhetoric:

Apparently, as of January 2000, the seven "rogue states", err,
"terrorist-supporting countries", err, "states of concern" are:

Country		ISO 3166 2-letter abbreviation (TLD)

Cuba		CU
Iran		IR
Iraq		IQ
Libya		LY
North Korea	KP
Sudan		SD
Syria		SY

Finally, if a short time from now, if I disappear from the net and from my
job and no one knows where I am, you'll all know I'm being held
incommunicado by the MIB's for daring to offer FTP assistance to a guy from
Sudan.  :-/

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