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Re: QT Designer _NOT_ under QPL.

On Tue, Aug 15, 2000 at 02:09:57PM -0400, Peter S Galbraith wrote:
> > Troll Tech clearly does have the ability to grant implicit permission for
> > their code and anyone on this list should concede that this software has
> > no legal problems. 
> Huh?  Here you say it doesn't have problems...

Legally, no, no problems.

> >                     Will it make it into Debian?  Not unless:
> > 
> > 	* someone wishes to package it
> > 	* explicit permission is given
> Here you imply it does...

I don't.  I say flat out that it is Debian's policy (and always has been,
conspiracy theories of Debian making up rules to keep KDE out aside since
the policy existed before KDE was out in the first place) that author's
intent is not sufficient.  We nearly lost all ircII based clients
(including one of them that I maintain - epic4) because of a license
wording issue way back when early on in the ircII development.

The license said no modifications.  That restriction was lifted when the
code changed hands.  But it was never spelled out.  When this came to
light, the same ultimatum facing the majority of KDE was also given to
ircII-based package maintainers and upstreams:  The license needed to say
what it meant or Debian wouldn't keep the packages.  One Debian developer
spent a couple afternoons tracking down the two people necessary to fix
the license so the implicit permission granted when the code changed hands
became explicit.  It took about a week, but it wouldn't have happened
without willingness on the part of the epic3 maintainer and the upstream
developers (hop, phone, panasync, and guys who have long since left the
picture) agreeing to just use a FreeBSD-style license and call it good.

That'll never happen to KDE.  Too many people are determined to hold out
to the bitter end and make sure it never happens.  And yeah, a couple of
them are Debian people.  But not most of them.

> > 	* implicit permission becomes unnecessary
> I don't understand.

The new QPL which was brought up just in time to silence protests
resulting from my editorial and then vanish without a trace.  Maybe it's
being worked on.  Maybe it's not.  If it is being worked on, Debian hasn't
been invited into the discussion.  The lack of information leaves many
Debian people skeptical, several more hopeful, and me outright cynnical.

I've seen this game play out too many times with the people here.  Nothing
changes.  Debian is quite firm in its policies and frankly many feel KDE
has tried to screw us more than once.  KDE supporters are quite convinced
Debian is the devil and will do anything to make sure KDE never "gives in
to Debian's demands"..  All the while, flamewars continue and egos are
bruised.  KDE in Debian?  Hah, not likely.  And there's not a fucking
thing I can do about it.  I tried and failed.

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