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Re: QT Designer _NOT_ under QPL.

On Fri, Aug 11, 2000 at 10:27:48AM -0500, Chris Lawrence wrote:
> > This was on the kde-licensing mailing list two days ago.
> > Just FYI.
> [snip]
> Well, I guess we know where Troll came up with their name...

I would be surprised if this move was taken just to "fuck with Debian" as
it were.  My editorial on Freshmeat seemed to strike a nerve (mostly I
hope because I can back up every word of what I said) and they felt it was
necessary to backpedal pretty quickly...

A stunt like this for publicity and to try and rag on a Linux distribution
for sticking to its moral foundations could easily become PR suicide.  I
seriously don't think anyone at Troll Tech is so stupid as to pull a stunt
like this for such a reason.  (I hope I'm not proven wrong here..)

Don't let mosfet make you react to this with contempt.  Yes HE is
trolling.  He's been told that Debian will not accept implicit permission
for KDE just like we won't accept it for anyone else.  He's also been told
that we have serious questions about whether or not KDE has legal right to
give such implicit permission (and whether or not they actually do since
several of their members have vocally refused to do so..)

Troll Tech clearly does have the ability to grant implicit permission for
their code and anyone on this list should concede that this software has
no legal problems.  Will it make it into Debian?  Not unless:

	* someone wishes to package it
	* explicit permission is given
	* implicit permission becomes unnecessary

This policy is the same one Debian has had since before I joined the
project.  It hasn't changed.  And mosfet's trolling won't change it.

> Chris, who wonders if we ignore Troll maybe they will just go away... ;-)

I tried that with mosfet..  He's earned himself a permanent place in my
killfile.  He's not gone away - unfortunately, people seem compelled to
react to his flamebait.

*sigh*  I wish the Trolls would just fix the damned license so I wouldn't
have to hear about it anymore.

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