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Re: Licence of SteelBlue

On 27 Jul 2000, Henning Makholm wrote:

> Under the GPL, I must give the *rights* to everyone, because those who
> recive the program from me can pass it on to anyone, and this anyone
> also get full rights to my modifications. Essentially GPL says:
> 1) you must give your source to those you give binaries, but
> 2) you must give your rights to everyone.

I understood, that you have only give rights to all these, that receive
source or binaries directly or indirectly by you.

If I modify some program written by you. And give it only give it persons,
from which I know, they will not distribute it further. (Wihtout me
forcing them to or making a licence "you are only allowed to use, when
...". Would I have to give rights of the modified form to you?

  Bernhard R. Link

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