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Re: (reiserfs) Re: License arguements again (debian specific)

> No, it makes it GPL'd with an additional license available if you don't like GPL
> and are willing to pay.  It is a GPL restriction that one cannot integrate GPL
> software into non-GPL'd software.  This makes it more free than just GPL,
> because with the possibility of obtaining a license in addition to the GPL that
> is offered here you have an opportunity to pay money rather than code as your
> contribution to the community.  The money I get is spent on hiring more
> programmers to write more free software.  It is my means of giving software free
> to the free software community while charging the proprietary community.

The one example of this not working is with MIT style licensing which
apparently can have GPL code integrated with.  A side effect is the whole
thing becomes GPLed.  But, the argument is that this isn't allowed by the

> Linus accepts this, if that makes any difference toyou. 

I know.  And I pointed that when reiserfs gets put in the kernel, our
kernel would have to move to non-free (not offically partof the
idstribution).  An attemp at a reductio, but people started talking about
clipping reiserfs from the kernel.

Related: Does anyone know of any other code in the kernel with similar


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