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Re: [Debian] Majordomo will be removed (fwd)

On Sun, Jun 04, 2000 at 05:24:14PM -0700, Jonathan Morace wrote:
> >Majordomo is *not* open source software.  It doesn't fulfil the
> >conditions of the Open Source Definition.  In particular, as this
> >security problem has been noticed and Debian is unable to fix it and
> >distribute a fixed version because of the license, there is little
> >choice left but to remove it in the first instance.  It bears little
> >resemblance to the Apache license.
> I just reviewed the open source definition, and I am a little confused
> which rule you think it does not conform to.

Sorry, I found the problem:


           b.    No part of Majordomo may be incorporated into any
                 program or other product that is sold, or for which any
                 revenue is received without written permission of
                 Great Circle Associates, with the following exceptions:

This is in direct contravention of condition 1 of the OSD, and
completely forbids Debian from including it in main, as there are
companies who sell Debian.



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