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Re: complete clone of the debian website

Today, Ronald L. Chichester wrote:

> Yet another alternative is to post the issue on Slashdot
> (http://slashdot.org).  If they are in the development community at
> all, they'll get the message and do something about it.  Its a
> rather rough alternative (getting Slashdotted negatively is a harsh
> remedy), but it has worked in the past. Something to consider...

In fact, I re-read the source of the pages.

They use some editor ("GoLive CyberStudio 3"), instead of WML (or
home-brew pages). The API logo are the letters of Debians
(cut-and-paste). They didn't even bother to rip the meta-tags and alt
tag for Debian-logo.

They don't look like the typical slashdot-readers type. I can be wrong.


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