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Re: complete clone of the debian website

Today, Ronald L. Chichester wrote:

> Jean-Christophe Dubacq wrote:
> > Today, Ronald L. Chichester wrote:
> > > Maybe they might give us advice pro bono, considering the non-profit nature of
> > > our organization.

> > Another possibility: contact them and tell them the pages have been
> > inspired by your site, as proven by the logo, and that it bothers you as
> > such. I browsed the pages, it looks like a small company, they will
> > certainly correct this quickly. It depends if Debian wants to adopt the
> > legal stance right now, or warns them first.

> How are these matters normally handled in France?  Certainly we
> wouldn't want to upset the legal/normative conventions of France.

Well, it's pretty much like any other (european-style) country. You
contact a lawyer, and ask him to fill a complaint. France has signed the
Berne convention, so IP is valid...

Judges are not always aware of Internet specific context, so one can
expect the thing to be treated as books. Cloning aesthetics of a site,
and moreover, using Debian's logo, is probably enough to have some
judgement given in favor of Debian.

Well... A kind e-mail shouldn't hurt, and it can be very effective.
There is this address: mailto:webmaster@491.org that is quoted in their
pages for remarks about the web site.

PS: Excuse my English, I am not that familiar with justice, either in
France or USA.


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