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Re: What type of license for iozone

Scripsit bug1 <bug1@netconnect.com.au>

> I emailed one of the authors and told him i would like to package his
> program for debian, he says he wants to see it packaged as widely as
> possible, the only restriction he (as copyright holder) places on
> redistribution (source included) is that the name of the authors and
> contributors be included and not be removed.

Try to post the exact contents of the email to debian-legan and we
can discuss whether it's explicit enough to serve as a license.

> Does the license have to fit into a known accepted lincense catagory,

No (unless you view the DFSG as an "accepted licence category").

> or can i just state in words what he told me and put that in as the
> license, knowing that it should be ok ?

If the email is sufficient as a license, you should reproduce the
*verbatim* text of that email in the copyright file.

> I guess whatever license debian distributes it as will have to get his
> aproval anyway, so maybe i should just press him a bit more and try and
> get a more specific answer from him, im not sure..

You could suggest to the author that his intentions might be
easier for potential redistributors to grasp if he just included
a modified BSD licence (that is, without the advertising clause)
in his distribution.

He could copy and paste from
(but clause 3 of that license should be left out).

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