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What type of license for iozone

iozone (www.iozone.org) is a benchmark program that i would like to have
a go at packaging.

Im currently steping through the maintainers guide, in section 2.1 it
says the program *must* have a license.

I emailed one of the authors and told him i would like to package his
program for debian, he says he wants to see it packaged as widely as
possible, the only restriction he (as copyright holder) places on
redistribution (source included) is that the name of the authors and
contributors be included and not be removed.

To me it sounds like it could be considered GPL, but thats about the
only license im familiar with, i dont know the specifics of the Artistic
license or BSD etc.

Does the license have to fit into a known accepted lincense catagory, or
can i just state in words what he told me and put that in as the
license, knowing that it should be ok ?

I guess whatever license debian distributes it as will have to get his
aproval anyway, so maybe i should just press him a bit more and try and
get a more specific answer from him, im not sure..

Advice apreciated

Glenn McGrath

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