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Re: Copyright lawyers analysis of Andreas Pour's Interpretation

On Fri, Feb 11, 2000 at 09:04:02PM +1100, Don Sanders wrote:
> > I the potential for problems with this.  For example, directing his
> > attention to certain aspects of the license during lunch, you'd likely be
> > glossing over what I see as the major flaw of Andreas Pour's argument:
> > his concept of what a program is (he seems to think that a program is a
> > file, where the GPL indicates that the usual case is that a program is
> > a collection of files).
> I have been researching your comments. Especially the thread containing this
> mail:
>    http://www.debian.org/Lists-Archives/debian-legal-0002/msg00133.html
> Am I correct in stating that under your interpretation of the GPL "the
> complete source code of a KDE application (that uses QT and hence requires
> being linked to QT) includes the QT source code."?

The full source code to the binary created does include the source code to
Qt, yes.  (without Qt, the binary cannot be compiled (headers) and linked
dynamically (direct object code and associated symbols)

I cannot fathom how this could be a point of contention; it seems
blatantly obvious to me.

> And am I correct in saying that this fact is central to your argument?

If you can build and link a GPL'd KDE application such that it contains NO
PART of Qt, that binary would indeed satisfy the GPL.  Until you can do
this, yes indeed that point is central to at least my own argument.  Raul
and I seem to have some disagreement (or perhaps we do not understand
eachother yet) but I do believe the conectp of GPL'd binaries including
parts of Qt which is under an incompatible license is also a major point
in his own arguments.

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