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Re: x3270 licenses

On Mon, Feb 07, 2000 at 08:56:41PM +1300, Carey Evans wrote:
> This is something I should have sorted out a long time ago, but I
> guess I haven't gotten around to it until now.
> The x3270 program is currently in non-free.  There are two licenses
> responsible for this, one on some of the fonts, and the other on the
> code the current version is based on.  All other parts of the package
> have a license very similar to the X11 license.
>     I. The Fonts
> }     Copyright © 1990 by the Georgia Institute of Technology.
> }     All rights reserved except for those rights explicitly mentioned
> }     below.
> }     Permission is granted to distribute freely or to modify and
> }     distribute freely any materials and information contained herein
> }     as long as the above copyright and all terms associated with it
> }     remain intact.
> This seems pretty much the same as the X11 license, although it
> doesn't actually mention "use".  Does this matter?  Are there any
> other problems with this license?

Nope, this is fine.  Use is covered by the Fair Use provision of Copyright
law.  The fonts are free.

>     II. The Original Code
> }     Copyright © 1989 by Georgia Tech Research Corporation, Atlanta, GA
> }     30332.
> }     All Rights Reserved. GTRC hereby grants public use of this
> }     software. Derivative works based on this software must incorporate
> }     this copyright notice.
> What does "public use" mean?  Should I try emailing or writing to GTRC
> or the Georgia Institute of Technology to find out?

We don't have permission to redistribute (at all---why is this in
non-free?)  Please do try to contact the Copyright holders if you can.
This license obviously does not say what they intend it to mean.

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