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Re: kde and debian a long love story :)

On Mon, Jan 24, 2000 at 09:11:19PM -0100, Anthony wrote:
> BUT instead talking about that, I WANT to FIND a solution to allow
> kde be part of debian. I want to discuss with motivated people
> that will examine all possible solutions of this problem and
> find out a solution (and we will find one). Whatever solutions
> are, from coding a QT clone to changing the US constitution.
> All are welcomes. I think we must only think in a pratical
> way and consider the time factor.

First let me say that KDE will _never_ be part of Debian until the license
issues are resolved.  I tried several times over the past 18 months to do
that.  I left it more than 6 months ago with the assurance that it would
all be handled completely "soon".  _Nothing_ has happened since.

> I see five solution possibles, let's begin with them.
> 1) cracking the QPL, i mean finding an exploit in the QPL.
> a work for lawer-hacker :), it could be cool:)

It's badly worded enough in places (not my fault, their lawyer's "clarity"
additions made it so ambiguous in places the license has entire sections
that would not be enforcable.  That's a moot point however since Debian
would not accept the result as sufficiently covering our own (and our CD
vendors') asses, so to speak.

It would also be a cheap attempt to circumvent Copyright law and the
social contract.  I must violently oppose such.

> 2) coding a Qt clone, it worked fine for motif. but Qt is big
> and it will take much time. a project known has harmony tried
> to do that.

Harmony was such a project.  Troll Tech and KDE's sudden change of heart
and interest in cleaning up their act legally-speaking effectively killed
the project.

> 3) coding a Qt clone but with empty function that will allow
> us to link kde without having to depend on Qt but kde wont
> run but it will be distrubuable with debian. (Imagine that
> lesstiff is early design, but aleready has all .h files
> we could link program with it program won't run but if
> you buy motif and ln -s libmotifcommercial libXm at the place
> of lesstif it will run) The program is linke dynamiquely with
> lesstif but it run with motif :) a question of words...
> a lawer may help here too 

Again, a cheap attempt to circumvent Copyright law, the DFSG, and the GPL
in fact.  I will even more violently oppose this than your first suggested

> 4) changing the license of KDE from GPL to LGPL,
> i think LGPL allow linking with QPL, so we convince
> all kde coders to switche and make a website inviting
> all contributor to allow their code to pass from GPL
> to LGPL.

They won't even consult authors of code they didn't write or update the
code they did with a simple Qt-exception clause.  This seems to be a
nowhere-going solution.

> A QUESTION NOW : In the licence it is said that you
> can use GPLv2 or any upper version can't LGPL be considered
> as GPLv2.1 ?


> 5) making pressure on troll.no to change to LGPL. With
> all the hype currently around GPL. it could be possible.
> Or asking RedHat or any linux-Startup to buy troll.no and
> do the change for them :)

That would solve all of the legal problems (not the trust problems at all)
but Troll Tech would never do it.  They are not even entertaining the
change I suggested to TWO CLAUSES of the QPL which would achieve GPL
compatibility as far as Debian would be concerned.

> 6) abolish Copyright on digitalisable media in the world (may
> take more time)

Yeah, right.

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