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Re: RHTVision and SETEdit, non-free? are they distributable at all? Anything that can be done about?

	Ok, I feel really bad... I am sending a wishlist bug report to
ftp.debian.org maintainers to remove all packages related to rhtvision
and rhtvision itself.
	I have worked only a little on this packages and I feel bad because all
the work is lost, I imagine the upstream author... But the worst thing
is: less good freesoftware. I will look forward to what the upstream
author will do now.

Richard Stallman wrote:
> For me, the crucial point is that we need a free alternative.
	There seems to be a library called xterminal, Salvador (upstream author
of rhtvision) has already made some modifications to this library and
sent them to the upstream author. There is a possibility that they work
together or split it. Salvador wants to change a lot from this library.

	Lets see forward to what happens! It is good to know that Salvador
still has all the enthusiasm and will work hard as always in a new

	Ok, thanks to everyone, sorry if I have bothered too much. Goodbye.

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