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Re: Free World Licence possible improved structure.

On Mon, Jan 17, 2000 at 05:47:41PM +0100, Marc van Leeuwen wrote:
> Some loopholes may still be found, but I think they are fairly minor. If a way
> can be found to directly execute a copy on a platform-independent medium
> without the need to compile or make a local copy (say directly from a mounted
> CD-ROM; this is more likely for scripts than for C-code), then the software
> might be legally used on a non-free platform in this manner. This is probably
> sufficiently inconvenient that the author of the software need not worry too
> much about it; it does however provide a good reason for forbidding
> compilation for (rather than on) non-free platforms.
  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Do you want some loopholes ?
I have a few of them herewith.

1) free platform is compatible with non-free platform, so one
platform can run another's executables (ex: MSDOS and FreeDOS)

2) non-free platform is able to run free-platform executables (ex: FreeBSD can
run Linux elves, they are both free, but non-free OS can do it also)

3) Module need no compilation (it is {perl,shell,ecma}-script)

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